Efficient mining and speed increase up to 30-40% with alternative firmware and AMS dashboard from BiXBiT

Firmware for ASICs

Firmware versions for ASIC overclocking work reliably and stably, on air and immersion cooling. Increase productivity by up to 40% and reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

How it works?

Take three simple steps to start using the BiXBiT service:
  • 1
    Find your hardware model in the list and download the firmware for it.
  • 2
    Update the installed firmware to the firmware from BiXBiT. Instructions for each model are available on the firmware page.
  • 3
    Create an account and connect your equipment to use the remote dashboard AMS

Service Benefits

  • Detailed statistics
    The AMS control panel will save all the data so that you can analyze the operation of the equipment.
  • Income optimization
    You can use different tuning scenarios: from maximum production to maximum energy efficiency.
  • Automation
    Auto-tuning and auto-updating of the miner firmware will save you from loosing time and doing a lot of routine tasks.
  • Overclocking equipment
    Chip overclocking will push the hardware to its limits and reduce power consumption.
  • Immersion cooling
    The software shutdown of the coolers allows you to use immersion cooling without the need to purchase "tricks".
  • Safety
    Two-factor authentication, deny access via SSH-protocol, pool change notifications.
  • Asic Boost
    Support by a unique technology that will increase the performance of your miners, reducing power consumption by up to 20%.
  • Equipment protection
    Mining stop in case of coolers stop or fixing critical temperature on the board or chips.
  • Notifications
    Decrease in hashrate, exceeding the permissible temperature, equipment errors, etc.


How much is it?
The BiXBiT software is distributed free of charge. However, DevFee is charged when you use alternative firmware.
What is Devfee?
Developers Fee is a developer commission. Charged automatically and only when the equipment is running. DevFee varies from 1.8% to 2.8% of the total HR/S of your equipment and depends on the specific model.
I chose a profile. Why is ASIC not mining?
After installing the firmware for the first time, it takes some time for the built-in algorithm to configure the hardware. The process takes no more than an hour.
Why does an error “Cannot Find Signature” pop up when trying to install your firmware?
On the page with the firmware there is a detailed instruction that allows you to bypass the manufacturer's built-in protection.
If I install your firmware will I void the manufacturer's warranty?
Maybe. But you can install the firmware from the manufacturer at any time, and then there will be no problems with the warranty.
It's safe?
Absolutely. For 4 years, our customers have never encountered problems caused by the installation of firmware from BiXBiT. Our own hardware runs on our firmware only.
Can I use the AMS control panel with other firmware?
No. Our control panel only works with firmware from BiXBiT.
Can I reset the device to factory settings?
No problem. You can install the original firmware at any time in the standard way.
I'm new at this. Are you sure I can do it?
Our firmware is easy to install and use, we have developed detailed guides for users of any level. But in case of difficulties, our technical support will help you cope with any problem and in any situation. Just write to us.

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